Anil Keshav (Founder keshav Jewellers)

We have been Working For 45+ years. Now Our Showroom is situated in Dehradun and Another branch is situated in Saharanpur with a vision to redefine elegance, allure and style in the form of stunning piece of jewellery. From sourcing of raw materials to the sale of the finished product, all our processes are integrated and aligned. We map out customer preferences and manufacture products in a way that leaves our customers spoilt for choice while making their purchases. Throughout the entire process, stringent quality measures are taken to ensure the purity, value and finish of the product. Our expertise extends to the possibilities of customized and personalized designs to help the customer find and design her or his perfect piece of jewellery. .

Keshav Jeweller has made a remarkable journey so far and has created a brand of its own with sustainable customer initiatives and unrivalled quality that loyal customers vouch for. With contemporary and classic designs aimed for longevity, we are committed to providing you the best buying experience using a collaborative approach across both online platform and showrooms. We hope to continue being inspired and create the most desired jewels.

Availability: Wholeseller & Retailer

Tags : Gold, Diamond & Silver

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